About the Salon Management System

About the Saloon Management App

Our Salon Management System is an easy-to-use app that helps run beauty salons, spas, and wellness centers smoothly. It helps you schedule appointments, manage your team's work hours, keep track of customer information, handle payments and bills, and keep an eye on your stock. The system also shows you important information like how well each staff member is doing and how certain services are performing. Plus, you can get feedback from your customers to improve your services and grow your business. It's a simple, all-in-one app to make managing your salon a breeze.

Client-oriented solutions for business type

At Pixcile Technologies, we aim to provide Personalized Custom Relationship Management solutions for all types of enterprises from diverse industries. Our solutions are highly acclaimed and trusted by the leading names in the global market.


Salon Managment

Staff Managment

Appointments System

Billing System

Vouchers / Gift Cards

Inventory Managment

Adverstiment System

Benefits of Saloon Management App

Easy Appointment Scheduling:

Clients can book and manage their appointments effortlessly.

Streamlined Staff Scheduling:

Simplifies organizing staff shifts and tracking performance.

Improved Customer Experience:

Offers personalized service and convenient reminders.

Efficient Inventory Management:

Keeps track of stock levels and product usage.

Centralized Client Data:

All client information and history in one accessible place

Valuable Business Insights:

Provides reports for better decision-making and growth.

Effective Marketing Tools:

Easy to manage promotions and loyalty programs.

Accessible Anywhere:

Manage your salon from any location.

Customer Feedback Collection:

Helps in improving services based on client reviews.

Integrated Payment Processing:

Simplifies billing and transactions

School Management System Features

Perfect software for managing your data while running a school or an institute. Manage complex fee structures, student records, library and other inventory too.

Student Information Module

It contains all the data and information about students enrolled in the school. This data can be used for various purposes such as keeping track of attendance, academic performance, and personal

Fee management Module

It allows schools to collect, track and manage fees and other payments from students and parents. The module provides a central database for all fee-related information, making it easy to track payments and monitor spending.

Examination Module

It allows administrators to manage examinations and quizzes, as well as track student performance. The module is designed to streamline the process of creating and administering exams.

Daily Student Lesson Diary Module

It enables students to document their daily learning experiences by eliminating the need of papers. This digital lesson will be stored in diary module until a new one arrives. The diary module also enables

Student, Parent, and Teacher portal

This system comes with portal for students, teachers and parents also. It enables parents to assess their child’s progress and the fees dues. Parents can too contact with teachers and the management team

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Some Ideal Words
From Our Clients

Implementing this app was one of the best decisions for my salon. The marketing tools have helped us attract and retain clients, and the ease of payment processing has made transactions smoother. Our clients often compliment how professional and modern our service has become. Highly recommend it


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