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A Few Words About Trenning

Learning management system is one of the most powerful tools to help students and businesses grow. It has been on the market for more than a decade and it is still going strong. Its popularity is based on its ability to work with any type of organization, which makes it perfect for schools, universities, companies, governments or anyone else.

User Roles

It covers all aspects of online education, and it facilitates designs, administration, and corporative and eLearning training. With this, LMS offers extensive features dedicated to the learning experience.

Learning management system where students take online lectures, live classes, online attendance/performance tracking, design study planner, and testing system.


Recorded Lectures

Online Classes

Advance Testing System s

Complaint Management

Study Planner

Chat Communication with Tutor

Progress Tracking


Online Payments

Student and Teacher Management

Benefits of LMS

Cost and Time Efficiency

Slash your training costs and save hours with streamlined course creation, management, and tracking.

Efficient Management

Take the full control over admin, communication, and trainer-learner automation.

Instant Information Access

Dive into a well-organized world of multimedia content, calendars, and archives at your fingertips.

Instant Information Access

Dive into a well-organized world of multimedia content, calendars, and archives at your fingertips.

Tailored Learning Experiences

Mold the LMS to fit your unique organizational needs with complete customization options.

In-depth Reporting

Generate, customize, and download comprehensive reports to track learner progress, course completion, and more.

Real-time Content Updates

Keep your learning fresh and relevant with the ability to instantly add or modify course materials.

Multimedia Learning

Create engaging and effective learning experiences using a rich mix of text, audio, video, and images.

LMS Portal Features

Content protection prevent lecture to download & screen recording and water marking & encryption.

Online Classes

For the learners who cannot take on-campus classes, this string LMS can conduct an online class and manage a number of students online.

Advanced Testing Systems

With an improved Learning management system, tests can be conducted online on the student portal. We believe, it saves time and money used in printing papers and sheets.

Complaint Management

With the help of this LMS, students can submit their queries and complaints to the respective teacher, and it improves collaboration between students and teachers.

Recorder Lectures

Missed a class? No worries, this LMS supports recorded lectures for students to view lessons later. This feature allows instructors to create a library of recorded lectures that students can access at any time.

Progress Tracking

On the student portal, parents can assess the progress of their offspring. Teachers can update their exam result sheets and marks for each test on the portal.

Student and Teacher Management

This powerful LMS software made student and teacher management a matter of time. Using their portals, they can explore several options to stay up to date, and the rest will be notified.

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- This team is doing wonders! A group of professionals work to make everything efficient and innovative for your business. The app developed by pixcile is super engaging for my clients. They are definitely a one-stop solution for any business.


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